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Kid’s expectation from their parents is but same as parent’s expectation from kids.
What kids wants from parents is a great topic.

Here are some more of the points what kids expect from parents.


Kids always love if you correct them in right manner. Everyone needs correction at some time or another, age doesn’t mind for that. Many kids in today’s generation doesn’t get proper correction at right time which they need, so its possibility that they may start a wrong way in life…So parents should make them understand that things don’t go as they want, they should not be that hyper or and don’t get mad in any odd situation, as some kids have the habit, if the things doesn’t happens as they won’t they will get mad or just shout at someone or the others. Parents need to be teachers. They need to show kids what is right or wrong. Parents should set down some laws which should be followed by parents first and then kids.


Most important thing I think will be honesty which kids expect from parents. All parents should be honest to their kids. If you expect honesty from your kids you have to do first, then only you will get that return. It is like that how you sow as is you get. When we ask kids not to fight with elders or there brothers and sisters, they will do the same as we do…if parents are fighting with each other’s then it’s but natural they will do the same. They expect love and compassion from parents when they do something wrong, they expect a chance to modify the mistake and get some right path from you parents.
The thing is that love goes hand in hand with honesty. It really sad when we see parents that don’t love their children and don’t care what their children do or what type of trouble are their children facing.


Kids expect their parents to pay attention in there day to day work, whether it is their homework or any playing activities. Kids expect that parents should give attention whenever they need, keeping T.V off and mobile in silent mode and listen to kids talk or any problems. Encourage kids when they do good things. Say positive words more then negative one. Take time to explain kids what is wrong and right.


When sometimes your kids feel something bad of someone and needs to talk to someone, you should be there for them. They are facing any problem then they should be sure of that their parents will be the best place to share the problems. If you expect love from your kids you have to show your love and caring nature to kids first then you will definitely get it back as reward. Parents should love their kids and also show them that they care for them… Show that you are always there for them..Then only they will feel secure and share all things to you parents…

Have a strong relationship with your child

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