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The world is now so much busy that they forget to see to the child’s expectation and fail to remember the value of spending some time with children s. We spends our most of our time with computers, machines and struggling for a job. So the people have really forgotten to talk with living beings, live with nature and fights with their younger ones. If we have a look at our schedule it will be like mornings alarm to night, a running a race.

It is the duty of a child to fulfill all the parents’ dreams, and make them happy by listening to their parents and doing as their parents wants…..But its parent’s duty also to make their kids understand this. Time is most important thing in a kids parent relationship and don’t forget to spend time with one of your important person,,,, that is your child.

If parent can expect from kids so much then why not kids. They also expect from parents some things….Here are some things that kids really expect from parents…


Parents must be child’s best friend and must be mutual relationship. First of all you have to convince your child that you are his or her best friend, and you are always beside him/her whenever they need you. They must feel secure and comfortable share you everything s happening in there life. And this will be only possible when you listen to them carefully for any small or big issues they share with you. This attitude of your s will make child feel that they are more important to you than another thing in the world. You should listen to them, discuss with them, tell them the good and bad and you can always give suggestions and tell him, that you have given your view and now its theirs choice what to take decisions. They have right to make some decisions at their own. And also give them assurance that you trust them that they will take a right decisions. This will make them feel that you give importance to their interest. You can share your day spent in your house or in office, so that they will feel to share there’s.


Many times when you ask your kids that what they want? They will simply reply that they need time of yours. In this busy world now a day’s parents fail to spend time with their kids. They give them everything before kids ask for but fail to give time to kids. The fact is that, it is the responsibility of a parents to make their children s life a better one. But the most important thing is to live with them, to share their emotions, there happiness, sadness, anger, expectation, disappointments, love, there interest, and everything…It is the parent who should say that put your phone away when I am talking to you……But is the other way round now a days. Kids say these words to their parents. So make practice to spend your some time with your favorites, that is your kids..


Communication or lack of communication is one major issue where distance is created between kids and parents. Many parents are not aware of their kid’s interest, dreams, hopes, desires, or sometimes also problems which there child is facing. So take some time and sit with your kid and talk about their interest, dreams, what they are thinking and ask them are they facing any problems in their schools or colleges. By this communication you will be updated about their likes and dislikes or any issues if they are facing. And they will also feel secure that their parents are taking interest in his life.

Kids expectation are not false, respect them…

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